I can still remember that October 19, day in Grenada. I remember it was a kind of barmy day -- not too hot, not too sunny. And despite a nagging common cold that made me very uncomfortable, I'd come to the capital, St.

George's, to handle some business chores at the government-owned Grenada Beach Hotel in Grand Anse, being a member of its Board of Directors. His crime? He'd failed to honor a previous agreement to share leadership of the New Jewel Movement NJM with Deputy Prime Minister, and the de facto ideological and organizational leader of the party, Bernard Coard.

In addition to that workload, as demanded by the party, I was engaged in other civic activities as a board member of the government-owned Grenada Beach Hotel, member of the Parish Coordinating Body PCB of St. John's parish local government organizationand as a political instructor for workers on a major estate in that parish.

My workload was so heavy that my first daughter, Asha, who was born one year before the Revolution Marchwould run away from me during the rare times when I was home during the day. I would normally arrive home at around 2 a.

Concerns over the party's cadre and the kinds of workloads described above caused an internal debate by the leadership. As part of my workload, I returned to Grenada from Cuba in July when the friction and debate were approaching fever pitch.

By August and September, things were heading into crisis mode. The debate? How to recalibrate and reorganize the party in light of enormous and incredible social and economic strides with the growing fatigue of some of its members and the fact that a majority of the comrades were not effectively pulling their weight. This was and is the central issue that consumed NJM, its leadership, and members. In fact, the party wanted to marry the talents of BOTH of its leaders to do what they did best -- Maurice to continue to "sink the roots of the party among the Grenadian masses" NJM's language and Bernard to be responsible for "internal party organization and ideological development" again NJM's language.

In response to this proposal, unanimously voted upon by the party at its congress, including Prime Minister Bishop, only ONE person voted against he Prime Minister Bishop said that he just needed time -- a few days - to "internalize and operationalize how this was going to work now that we NJM were in power. But influenced by some close associates and elements hostile to the Grenada Revolution, the prime minister reneged on his position.

This is a fact. In a juvenile, immature fit, the military and hardline factions of the NJM's Central Committee pushed the idea to put Bishop under house arrest, ultimately influencing the membership to support that politically dangerous call. After the house arrest on October 18 I had the opportunity to visit Prime Minister Bishop at his official residence at Mt.

Weldale around p. I went there along with General Hudson Austin since it was felt that both of us had always had a great personal relationship with him. After all, I was his first Head of Personal Security a unit that I built and personal bodyguard from March 13 th -- the day the Revolution triumphed. Yes, I knew him far better than most. At his residence he greeted us in great spirits dressed as he did at home in short pants, shirt jac light blue and rubber slippers. We spoke about the present situation and I told him that he needed to diffuse it before things got out of control.

As usual, I gave him my best professional advice, telling him that in my opinion, the revolution was in peril and grave danger of imploding if this situation was not quickly resolved. I also suggested to him that he do a Radio Grenada address and then work to bridge the internal party divide. Smoking his cigarette and holding a drink, Maurice nodded and said that after he spoke to both Louison and Radix he would work out the details of how to inform and engage both the people and the split in the party.

I left in high hopes and headed home. I still had that bad cold. Space does not allow me to tell the rest of the story here. Suffice to say it involves subterfuge, political opportunism, and a set of wheels set in motion that would ultimately kill the revolution.

It also is about who gave the order to execute Prime Minister Bishop.Adams, Landon D. Nebraska USA. Adams, Kathryn 02 April - 22 December Florida. Agar, Sgt. Ahern, Stacey P.

October 19th 1983 alex found dead in ticket office

Aldrich, Jr. Alexander, Jr. Alvarez, Tyson 11 April - 28 November California. Alves, Michael J. Armstrong, Brandon 20 December - 03 October California. Asencio, Jr. Austin, Jessica T. Avalos, Jacob M. Baciu, Marius V. Bair Jr. Baker, Tyler 17 March - 25 December Florida. Baker Sr. Ball, Jordan 05 November - 02 February Ohio. Ballotta, Gerard C. Banuelos, Robby 09 Janaury - 09 August California. Barnett, M.

Bauer, Kenneth 26 October - 18 September Michigan. Bault, Gail 10 September - 12 March California. Beckel, Donald C. Belanger, Donald 31 March - 03 March Arizona. Bell, Nick 26 January - 30 June Missouri. Benjamin, Danny R. Bergstrom, Richard 23 September - 05 February Illinois.

Bertalotto, Justin 18 March - 02 May Arkansas. Billingsley, Jeff 10 March - 10 June Oklahoma. Bittencourt, Sabrina - 2 February Barcelona,Spain. Blackman, Joseph R. Blohm, Travis R.

Bloom, Sammy 13 December - 13 February California.The mother of a severely beaten and malnourished year-old boy faces murder charges.

october 19th 1983 alex found dead in ticket office hanging

An year-old boy who was found dead in a closet of his family's California home was kept hidden and sedated in closets for at least three years, so well-concealed that even his stepfather didn't know he was in the house, it was reported Thursday. Citing redacted court records, the Los Angeles Times reported that Yonatan Daniel Aguilar effectively disappeared in after he showed up at school with a black eye and school officials said he was hoarding food.

His mother, Veronica Aguilar -- who is charged with murder and child abuse causing death -- told the boy's therapist that Yonatan lived with his maternal grandmother until age 3, and he was likely deprived of food during that time and developed the habit of hoarding food, according to the records cited by The Times.

A school official, meanwhile, told a social worker that Aguilar seemed genuinely concerned about the boy and was an involved parent. After that contact, however, the boy was pulled out of school and disappeared, as the family moved from home to home.

The county Department of Children and Family Services -- which had responded to six reports of possible abuse or neglect involving the family from to and marked the boy's risk of abuse "high" four times -- had no further contact, The Times reported.

Social workers never formally opened a case, saying allegations of abuse were inconclusive or unfounded, according to the records cited by the paper. Yonatan didn't resurface until Aug. Pinzon had been told previously by Aguilar that she sent Yonatan to Mexico to live with family, and he hadn't seen the boy in years, The Times reported. But on Aug. Authorities said the boy's body was covered in pressure sores from the tile floor, there was foam in his nose and medicinal cups of pink and red liquid near his balding body, according to the records obtained by The Times.

According to the court records, Aguilar's other three children were the only ones who knew Yonatan was being hidden in the closet, but Aguilar forbade them from telling anyone.

After the body was discovered, Pinzon told authorities that whenever he went to a 99 Cent Store to shop, Aguilar would ask him to buy purple-colored "jarabe," or syrup. Skip to content. City News Service.

october 19th 1983 alex found dead in ticket office hanging

George Floyd 4 hours ago. Back to Article. Close Menu. Search for:. Follow Us Facebook Twitter Instagram.But in December, her body was exhumed so an autopsy could be carried out. If your search did not return any results, you may also try the following databases: Florida Unidentified Decedents DataBase or NamUs - National Unidentified On October 9,Coggins was found dead on a power line after suffering multiple forms of trauma. And cities throughout Europe are beginning to investigate ways to crack down on overcrowding, home-sharing websites and anti-social behaviour.

Entrance Ticket. On October 10th the Thai government restricted overnight stays on the Similan islands. Oil prices have quadrupled since when they were under. It was dark and rainy, and there was a wall in the median where a ramp descends into the Cityplace parking garage.

The attack killed people: U. Streets Heat up at Night. Two of the planes were flown into the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York CityThe figures include deaths with lab-confirmed COVID in all settings, not just those in hospital, and this provides us with a single As announced previously, from 1 June we have stopped publishing a separate count of deaths in hospital as our daily count now provides a count of deaths in all settings.

Sorry we can't find that content. The day of the week is Wednesday. Cox, who was found Directed by Stanley R. Stephanie Bedo news. NINA: Yes, let's book two tickets for that. Laura Kempton July 3, - Sept 28, was found dead inside her apartment on Sept 28,by a police officer who came to talk about a series of unpaid parking tickets.

Real-name policy has been carried out in ticketing. Naughty Office Jessica Robbin. Yet years later, I find myself teaching high school English. D: I can still remember that October 19, day in Grenada. All LibriVox recordings are in the public domain in the USA and available as free downloads on the internet.

Alfred Louis Barnes, then 40, of Bethlehem, was found murdered on October 19, Wednesday October 19th, Investigators believe they found the body of year-old Alex Cedillo in a heavily wooded, hard-to-access area of Whitacre Park. It was about to feet from where Cedillo's car was found Monday, near a walking trail between Given and Drake roads. Lakshmi Sammarco. Investigators met with Cedillo's parents, grandparents and brother to deliver the sad news. Our hearts are broken for the Cedillo Family as Alex was a vibrant young man that we all loved.

Cedillo's family said the park was a special place for him. He would often go there to take pictures to draw for his art class. But they got worried after he turned off his phone and didn't show up for work Monday morning.

Missing 19-year-old Alex Cedillo found dead, officials say

His father told police his son had no mental, emotional or medical issues, so when Cedillo's car was discovered abandoned near the park, officials put out a "critical missing" alert.

News Local News. Actions Facebook Tweet Email. Missing year-old Alex Cedillo found dead, officials say Coroner says death 'believed to be self-inflicted'. The superintendent of Madeira Schools, Kenji Matsudo, released a statement that said, in part: "Early this afternoon, we learned that one of our recent graduates from the Madeira High School Class ofAlex Cedillo, passed away.

Copyright Scripps Media, Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Sign up for the Rebound Newsletter and receive up to date information. Click here to manage all Newsletters. Search resources to help you manage stress, make ends meet and get back to work.The attack killed people: U. Minutes later, a second suicide bomber struck the nine-story Drakkar building, a few kilometers away, where the French contingent was stationed; 55 paratroopers from the 1st Parachute Chasseur Regiment and three paratroopers of the 9th Parachute Chasseur Regiment were killed and 15 injured.

It was the single worst French military loss since the end of the Algerian War. A group called Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the bombings and said that the aim was to force the MNF out of Lebanon. The attacks eventually led to the withdrawal of the international peacekeeping force from Lebanon, where they had been stationed following the Palestine Liberation Organization PLO withdrawal in the aftermath of Israel 's invasion of Lebanon.

In it was reported that an Iranian group called the Committee for the Commemoration of Martyrs of the Global Islamic Campaign had erected a monument, at the Behesht-e-Zahra cemetery in Tehranto commemorate the bombings and its "martyrs". This animosity was made worse by the Phalangista right-wing, largely Maronite-Lebanese militia force closely associated with President Gemayel.

All of this, according to British foreign correspondent Robert Fiskserved to generate ill will against the MNF among Lebanese Muslims and especially among the Shiites living in the slums of West Beirut. Lebanese Muslims believed the MNF, and the Americans in particular, were unfairly siding with the Maronite Christians in their attempt to dominate Lebanon. Operating under the peacetime rules of engagementMNF peacekeepers — primarily U.

Marine member of the MNF:. The perimeter guards at the U. Marine headquarters on the morning of October 23,were in full compliance with rules 1—3 and were unable to shoot fast enough to disable or stop the bomber see The bombings: Sunday, October 23, below. The message directed the ambassador to "take spectacular action against the American Marines.

Much of what is now public knowledge of Iranian involvement, e. Islamic Republic, et al. Defenbaugh, plus a deposition by a Hezbollah operative named Mahmoud a pseudonym were particularly revealing. On July 14,a Lebanese Armed Forces patrol was ambushed by Lebanese Druze militia elements and from July 15—17, Lebanese troops engaged the Shia Amal militia in Beirut over a dispute involving the eviction of Shiite squatters from a schoolhouse.

Marines and causing the temporary closure of the airport. On August 10 and 11, an estimated thirty-five rounds of mortar and rocket fire landed on US positions, wounding one Marine.

October 19th 1983 alex found dead in ticket office

On August 28, in response to constant mortar and rocket fire upon US positions, US peacekeepers returned fire for the first time. On the following day, US artillery silenced a Druze battery after two Marines were killed in a mortar attack. That same day, BIA was again shelled, killing two Marines and wounding two others.

No retaliation was given due to the ROE. As the LAF moved slowly eastward into the foothills of the Shuf, accounts of massacres, conducted by Christians and Druze alike, began to be reported.

On September 8, naval gunfire from offshore destroyers was employed for the first time in defense of the U. On September 25, a ceasefire was instituted that same day and Beirut International Airport reopened five days later. On October 1, Walid Jumblatt announced a separate governmental administration for the Shuf and called for the mass defection of all Druze elements from the LAF. Nevertheless, on 14 October the leaders of Lebanon's key factions agreed to conduct reconciliation talks in Geneva, Switzerland.

Although the ceasefire officially held into mid-October, factional clashes intensified and sniper attacks on MNF contingents became commonplace.

Crime: The story of 3 girls who were kidnapped and kept captive for over 10years !

On October 19, four Marines were wounded when a US convoy was attacked by a remotely detonated car bomb parked along the convoy route. At arounda ton yellow Mercedes-Benz stake-bed truck drove to the Beirut International Airport. The truck was not the water truck they had been expecting. Instead, it was a hijacked truck carrying explosives.

The driver turned his truck onto an access road leading to the compound. He drove into and circled the parking lot, and then he accelerated to crash through a 5-foot-high barrier of concertina wire separating the parking lot from the building.

The wire popped "like somebody walking on twigs.

october 19th 1983 alex found dead in ticket office hanging

The sentries at the gate were operating under rules of engagement which made it very difficult to respond quickly to the truck. On the day of the bombing, the sentries were ordered to keep a loaded magazine inserted in their weapon, bolt closed, weapon on safe and no round in the chamber.It was Wednesdayunder the sign of Libra see birth chart on October 19, Famous people born on this day include Rebecca Ferguson actress and Rebecca Ferguson.

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Andy Lonergan : English footballer. Cara Santa Maria : American neuroscientist and blogger.

october 19th 1983 alex found dead in ticket office hanging

Julia Selepen : Lithuanian figure skater. See more.