Powder coating in Qatar is offered by many coaters in the country. Powder coating started as a finishing technique on metals but now the method is used to coat ceramics, plastics and also wood. Powder coating refers to a finishing technique that is durable, decorative and long lasting.

It has its application in almost any industry. It can be done in almost any colour or finish in matte or smooth.

powder coating qatar contact number

Products with powder coating are rust-free, scratch resistant and also environment friendly. Products that are usually powder coated includes garden equipment, swing sets, patio furniture and outdoor barbeques.

These products appear to be painted, but actually they go through a process of dry finishing. Arabian Extrusions Factory. More Info. Al Saad Metal Coating.

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powder coating qatar contact number

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Get inspired by people, news and insights. Read all the latest Hempel news. A commercial foundation dedicated to making a difference.The Epoxy Coating provides long term adhesion to steel and ensures the reinforcing bars are protected over a wide temperature range and all climatic conditions.

Few notable advantages are:. Blacks bars are abrasive blast-cleaned to a near white metal finish using steel grit. This cleans the surface of steel from contaminants, mill scale, rust, and salts giving it a textured anchor profile the microscopic peaks and the valleys on the surface with a maximum roughness depth of 1. The heated black bar is passed through a powder-spray booth where the dry epoxy powder is discharged from a number of spray nozzles. As the powder leaves the spray gun, an electrical charge is imparted to the particles.

These electrically charged particles are attracted to the grounded-steel surface providing even coating coverage. As the dry powder hits the hot black bar, it melts and flows into the anchor profile and conforms to the ribs and deformations of the bar.

Following powder application, the coating is allowed to cure for a short period approximately 10 — 15 seconds during which it hardens, followed by water quenching that quickly reduces the bar temperature by suppressing the excessive heat. Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating. Based on statistical analysis of 17, structures. Florida : Most structures with ECR in Florida concrete are predicted to have years of service life.

Virginia DOT : All decks with uncoated bar had been overlaid due to corrosion years. Whereas, none of ECR decks had been overlaid.

powder coating qatar contact number

Georgia : MacKay river bridge samples did not show active corrosion despite the presence of chloride concentration at the bar depth of up to 0. Surface Preparation Blacks bars are abrasive blast-cleaned to a near white metal finish using steel grit. Epoxy Powder Application The heated black bar is passed through a powder-spray booth where the dry epoxy powder is discharged from a number of spray nozzles. Inline Quality Inspection: Inline holiday detector is used to measure coating holidays.Our appliances are an important part of our daily lives.

Just making that first cup of tea with breakfast in the morning uses a kettle, a fridge, and, depending on whether you are a toast or fry-up person, a toaster and oven or microwave. These appliances need to stand up to accidental knocks and bumps as well as wear, heat, and cleaning. The current trend in appliances is color — whether black, white, or retro-inspired pastels — and powder coating appliances provides a range of colors and finishes to bring a space to life.

In this article we look at why powder coating appliances makes sense for your project as well as the companies that provide powder coating appliances services in the UAE. The range of benefits of powder coating appliances provides advantages for coaters, end-users, and the environment.

These benefits include:. Powder coating appliances allows for matching the appliances with the rest of the interior. The difference between these is method through which the coating cures. Thermoset coatings bind through crosslinking, forming a network of long chain polymers which give the coating its durability and resistance. Thermoplastic coatings do not form crosslinks and are not heat-stable.

Thermoset coatings are used for powder coating appliances. The most common resin type is polyester, or an epoxy-polyester hybrid. These coatings are applied as primers, base coats, top coats, and special effects coats. The dry powder is given an electrostatic charge by a specially designed spray gun, and when the charged powder is sprayed onto a grounded substrate it adheres.

The piece is then baked, and the powder melts and flows, forming a solid coating. This is the reason behind the flawless finish and adhesion of a powder coat. These partnerships allow innovation and customization to meet the needs of the appliance manufacturers and the customer. Big appliance companies rely on partnerships with powder coating companies for their products. Long-time partners Whirlpool and AkzoNobel worked together to find a way to cut coating costs by reducing the film thickness of the appliance coating.

AkzoNobel had the coating technology to achieve this without sacrificing quality. Jotun partners with Electrolux and Panasonic, and their Reveal Edge powder coating range coats appliances from kettles to freezers.

For more information about powder coating for appliances, get in touch!At Alutec, we understand the importance of early technical input in design development. With our industry knowledge and experience we specialize in providing comprehensive design-assist and design-build services from the onset.

Whether its development of conceptual design, detailed engineering or fabrication drawings, we specialize in providing turn-key cost effective and innovative design solutions that cater to each individual project. Located in Doha, Qatar, Alutec production facilities spans multiple factories and has over 30, square meters of production facilities equipped with cutting edge aluminum, glass and metal processing machines capable of processing tonnes of Aluminium, 1, sq.

Powder Coating Aluminum Profiles from FONNOV extrusion plant CHINA

Clear float glass is transparent and colorless, offering high visible light transmittance and optical clarity. It offers little resistance to solar heat gain and glare in building. Enhancing performance and aesthetics characteristics of float glass requires additional processing to meet project specifications and design intent.

Process of heating glass and rapidly cooling using jets of air to make it more resistant to thermal and mechanical stresses giving rise to its fragmentation characteristics and utility as safety glass.

Process of sandwiching at least two sheets of glass by a full surface plastic interlayer such as PVB to enhance properties of the glass unit such as insulation, safety. Process of factory sealing multiple sheets of glass that are separated by an Aluminium or steel spacer and filled with air or gas to enhance thermal insulation properties of the unit.

Process of creating bespoke designs on the surface of glass by imprinting ceramic frit paint on the glass and fusing it during the toughening or heat strengthening process. Process of creating decorative glass panels by abrasive etching of glass at high pressure to create uniform or bespoke designs.

Aluminium, light metals and steel has rapidly become the material of choice for exterior and interior use due to its durability, design versatility and aesthetic possibilities. To be both functional and decorative, metals must undergo further processing and surface treatments. ALUTECs production facilities equipped with cutting edge processing machines enables us to maximize form and function of metal products.

Machining or milling plays a major part in most Aluminium and metal component work. Machining facilities like 4-axis profile machining center are designed for economical and efficient machining of Aluminium and thin-walled steel profiles. All operations, such as routing, drilling and tapping are performed while the profile bar is stationary to protect the profile surfaces for economical and efficient machining of Aluminium and thin-walled steel profiles. Water Jet cutting uses an ultra-high pressure stream of water to carry an abrasive grit.

The abrasive does the cutting through a mechanical sawing action, leaving a smooth, precision cut surface. Water jet is a very precise cutting process allowing fine contours to be cut, and producing high tolerance parts in Aluminum and metals. Process of surface treatment preparation for Aluminium and metal products. The objective of buffing process is to make a rough surface to a smooth one for better adherence to surface treatment. It is done by the skilled workforce by using grinder and special buffing machine tools.

Process of forming the sheet metal into the required shape such as bended angles, channels, stainless steel flashings etc. Metals corrode when their environments are unsuitable. Virtually all metals used in construction or production are inherently unstable, and tendency to revert to other more stable forms by oxidizing or rusting. The most common form of corrosion protection is applying a surface layer or coating.

powder coating qatar contact number

Coating offers a cost effective and practical way to increase mechanical, electrochemical, and thermal performance of metals. It is important to apply the coating system correctly and ensure that it has the correct number of coats and degree of thickness. Through our in-depth knowledge on how materials and coatings react, we can assist and advise on choice of coating types and coating thickness to suit our clients specific project needs.We all work hard to make sure our customers are satisfied and their powder coated product looks great and performs well.

And the good news? You know how it goes. Of course as well as looking great, we also want some basic performance from that coating too. This gives you the confidence to be proud of a high quality and reliable service and leaves your customers with a happy experience that will make them want to work with you again.

At IFS we understand quality. As manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality industrial powder coatingsour production facilities and internal quality control systems are designed with superior quality in mind and we use the most advanced technologies and experienced staff to QC test our powder at the IFS facilities.

We undertake QC before, during and at the end of the production of each product we manufacture. QC procedures can easily be continued by you to make sure that the product will perform as per the Technical Data Sheet TDS we provide for you.

This ensures that the application is completed to the required level and that your customer will receive the high-quality coating job they ordered. The TDS gives you a basic level of performance — a quality spec — that the powder can achieve if applied properly.

Here are some of the simple tests that can be performed and what to watch out for. So we now we know who should be QC testing and of we know why we do it, but what should be testing for and how?

Let us explain Film thickness — and a constant, level thickness at that — is important. It affects how the coating looks no one wants a patchy effect but also overall performance.

Powder Coating in Qatar

With most meters, you press it to the surface, hold it there a few seconds and get a reading. The reading will tell you what the film thickness at that specific place is. You should repeat the test in several places across the part. It's going to vary, hopefully only slightly, so you should perform the test in several places to get an average and be sure you're in the required film thickness range. There are a range of meters available. The latest and greatest can produce the film thickness grade information as soon as a surface is touched, others take a little longer and many are magnetic.

Knowing your substrate is also important. The meters can measure coating on aluminum or steel but be sure that yours can test for both as certain gauges won't measure aluminum. Why is this important? Well, most gauges are based on the magnetics of steel or the rebound of the signal from steel. Obviously aluminum doesn't react the same way, so a different type of gauge or a combo gauge will need to be used if you're going to be measuring both substrates.

As with most things in life, you can spend as much or as a little, as you like for a film thickness meter. The little magnetic ones and the low film mils from one to three mills, are pretty accurate and can certainly do the job.Powder coating has grown into the biggest industrial coatings sector in the coating industry. It is a part of our everyday lives, covering anything from household items and bicycles to heavy duty machinery. Its popularity comes down to two things: protection and looks.

Powder coating comes in a wide range of colors and finishes to ensure your project looks and performs exactly as you need and want. This article will outline the advantages, uses, and process of powder coating, as well as where you will find powder coatings applicators and other powder coating companies in Qatar. Powder coating is a process where paint is applied to a substrate in powder form.

Firstly, remove all contaminants such as oil, grease, dirt and grime, and ensure that the part is completely clean. Then the part is stripped — this removes previous coatings. Finally the part is sandblasted to make sure no traces of coatings or contaminants remain on the surface. This stage cleans the part down to bare metal and creates a texture on the substrate which allows the powder coating to adhere to it.

After a final clean the part is ready.

QC Testing For Your Powder Coating Line

This step differs slightly depending on the substrate. The electrostatic spray process applies the powder through a specialty spray gun which gives the powder an electrostatic charge.

This causes the powder to stick to the grounded object. The thermosetting powders are used for example in the electrical appliances industry.

In the fluidized bed process, the part is pre-heated and dipped into a hopper filled with fluidized floating powder. The heat melts the powder onto the part immediately, though a post cure may still be needed. Thermoplastics are suitable for coating automotive parts and other small to middle size metal objects. The final step is to bake the powder coat, causing it to melt, flow, and form a continuous liquid film. Depending on the type of powder, there is either a further step for curing for thermosetting powdersor the process stops here for thermoplastic powders.

Thermosetting powders undergo chemical crosslinking when heated and will not melt again, where thermoplastics do not crosslink and will melt again if heated. A properly cured thermosetting powder is tough and impact resistant, and used also used for corrosion protection in duplex systems. Powder coating comes in a form of dry powder. There are many pieces of equipment required for a complete powder painting facility.

These range from sandblasting boxes or rooms and curing ovens at the large scale end to hanging racks and guns at the smaller. The cost of equipment varies by scale and quality. The less common or more specialized a color, the more expensive it is. Whether a hobbyist or a professional business, the powder coating industry is growing. Given that powder coat is long-lasting, easy-to-apply, durable, protective, and attractive, it is no surprise.

To find out how you can use powder coating for your project, contact us! Powder coating has many properties and benefits that make it the coating of choice. Just a few of these are:. Different finishes and colors are priced differentlyand the type of job will also be reflected in the prices — wheels or rims for example may be done per wheel or per set of four, where a railing is charged by length.

Below is a map outlining a selection of powder coating companies in Qatar. If you would like more information about powder coating, or need a powder coating company for a project, contact us!